Finding Homes for Pets

You may find yourself in the position of finding new homes for the animals of someone who has died. There may be cats, dogs, birds or even horses and other outside animals. Did the late owner specify his or her wishes for the animals in his or her last will and testament? If not, the executor will be responsible for finding loving homes for the pets.

Where to find a good home?

1. Friends, family and neighbors
A good place to start is by spreading the word to friends, family and neighbors who may already know the animal and/or the person who died.

2. Veterinarian
Before you find a home for an animal, make sure the pet's vaccinations are up to date. The veterinarian may have some suggestions about placing the animal in a good home or refer you to a reputable animal rescue organization.

3. Pet Supply Store
A local pet supply store may be able to refer you to a reputable animal rescue organization. If you're looking to place the animal yourself, they may have an "Adoptable Animals" board.

4. Local animal shelter, humane society or pet foster group
Before you choose an animal adoption agency, first pay it a visit to see if it's a good fit and whether they take good care of their animals.

  • Open access animal shelters take in all stray animals and are usually county or city shelters.
  • Humane societies are private facilities. Some are open access and others are limited.
  • Foster groups are usually volunteer foster parents who don't have a physical location.

To find a local animal shelter:
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

5. Classifieds
You can post a classified in your local paper or online. Always interview potential adopters and charge an adoption fee. People who take in free animals may be less likely to have the pet's best interests in mind.

Online classifieds:

For household pets:
For horses:

What to do when you find a potential good match

You don't want to give the pet away without checking up that he or she is going to a good responsible home. Following is a link with questions you may want to ask to find out if this will be a suitable new home.

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